Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting Ready

I see this blog transforming itself more and more into a place for me to interact with other homeschooling moms. It started out very general in my approach but I am getting ready to put more focus into this blog as an account of just how my homeschooling is going and what I hope to accomplish.

I finally transferred Jordan's curriculum into his room on a separate bookshelf just for his curriculum and reading material. Brandon is already set up in his room with his curriculum. Getting it out of my closet was such a relief and is helping me to organize so much better due to lack of space for storage and shelving in our home.

Brandon still has one math lesson and a final test to write before he is ready for the Pre-Algebra. We've been having a lot of down-time these past three weeks due to my husband's vacation, swimming lessons and a death in the family. It's just been a bit crazy but I look forward to getting a little better organized before September hits.

Most of the curriculum is purchased and on the shelves so I am not too worried about leaving anything undone. Readers are probably the only outstanding item on the list.

That's where I stand at the moment, so we are getting ready for another year.


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