Saturday, August 22, 2009

Allergies and Thunderstorms

Great title and how do they go together you ask? Well, this past two weeks we have had very hot humid weather. The occasional day a cool air mass decides to cause some unstable weather and hence the thunderstorms. Unfortunately, it has not brought cool fresh air to enable me to open the windows.

This past week was the worst. I had to sleep on the main floor with my pillow elevated just to breathe. Needless to say, I ended up at the doctor's office the next day for an inhaler.

My poor husband has started suffering from his allergies this past week and now I really cannot open the windows or he'll feel worse. My son was complaining about being stuffy so I used the aqua purifier and added 3 drops of essential oil vanilla to the basin. Well it smelled great in the house finally but my lungs did not like it and started to tighten.

So I threw out the vanilla water and added some aqua blue that came with the Thermax kit to help with allergies. Well that helped my son but not me. I guess I am allergic to it. I only put two capfuls. It didn't stay long until I dumped the whole thing out. I read that it stays in the air for up to eight hours afterward though. Lucky me. Well last night it was difficult for me to sleep because of the bronchial pain. Today I am drinking ginger-chamomile tea and waiting for it to heal. It feels like a burn in my bronchial tube. How could it be burned, it wasn't even a toxic substance. I don't get these allergies but the weather is definitely not helping.

Thankfully the tornadoes that developed as a result of the storm did not come down my street. However, one did touch down a few kilometers from here and it took the roof off a stable. Click Here for more information on the damage.


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