Friday, July 24, 2009

Mixed Emotions

This summer has been such a rollercoaster with a couple of deaths in the family and looking forward to my niece's wedding. One day I'm ordering a wedding gift and the next day I am ordering sympathy flowers. I guess this is just showing me that I am getting older and this is what life is all about.

My boys passed their swimming lessons today and that made me smile. I really needed some good news and I am so proud of my boys for trying so hard.

Taking a walk around the neighborhood also makes me smile this time of year. The homes are so well kept around here. I love the flower gardens surrounding the homes that makes a walk so enjoyable. I feel blessed to live here.

My heart however, is with my Aunt who will need to go to her husband's funeral tonight. I pray for the peace of Jesus to surround her and comfort her and give her the strength to go on.

Life is just a roller-coaster of emotions but I am thankful that my faith in the One who loves me will never let me walk it alone.


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