Thursday, August 7, 2008


I have noticed this past week that I am suffering from the result of being stressed from the day-to-day activities. When the evening arrives, I am feeling totally exhausted and have a difficult time settling down inside. This is a side effect of stress.

To combat this feeling I practice deep breathing through my lower abdomen with one hand on my chest and the other on my stomach. Slow deep breathing that raises and lowers the abdomen really helps my body relax and before I know it I am awake in the morning.

I am again suffering from this same drained and tense feeling today and I know it is from lack of down time. It seems that this past week has been very demanding on my time but I do see an end. Today I had my chiropractor's appointment in the morning afterwhich I took the boys over to their friend's house across the street from his office building. I then went to shop for a few items and then drove home to cook and empty the dishwasher. By this time I had to go back and pick up the boys and bring them home to serve them lunch. Now I have to bring my youngest to his swimming lessons and be back in time for a mattress delivery.

It looks like I will need to practice my deep breathing more than once today.


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