Monday, August 11, 2008

The Health Food Store

Well, that's it. I really do have to watch what I buy from the health food store. So far I have returned three products on three different occasions while trying to find something that will help me feel better. Instead I end up feeling worse than before I went in there.

What have I learned besides the fact that I am allergic to most things that are powdered and concentrated? I have learned to stop trying anything that is not already working for me now. I found out yesterday that I am allergic to Maca powder. Now I bought that thinking it would help me with energy and managing stress since it's a type of ginseng. It is also related to the yam family. How bad could that be? It looks like a beet when its harvested and is freeze dried to make a raw powder form. It is grown in the Andes mountains and survives frigid temperatures in Peru. Most people swear by it, but it's way to strong for me, so I returned it.

One other time I tried Magnesium Citrate and even a whey protein powder. I had to return each of these due to major intolerance.

I really do like to go to the Health Food store and buy organic food but I really need to stay away from the other isles or not go in the store at all.

Health Canada wants all health products to be licenced for sale in Canada with an NPN number to insure testing for quality, efficacy and purity. Is what they say on the bottle really in the bottle? The health food stores are furious about this legislation, however I believe it's for our protection. I have been burned too many times because of the lack of regulation of these products.

I have nothing against health food stores but shopping wisely and cautiously is a must when going into these places.


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