Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I love it when it rains but the last few weeks have been nothing but rain off and on for days and I have had a difficult time getting outside to take care of the fast growing weeds in my garden.

Finally, today I had free time to enjoy the not-so-hot weather and do some serious weeding out in the front garden. There are still more weeds to tackle but I am learning to do a little each time I am out there and it will soon be done.

Today I also spread some lawn fertilizer in the front and back yards to prevent further weed growth and hopefully increase the health of my poor looking lawn.

Finding time for the outside is a must this time of year because there is always work waiting for me inside the house no matter what or when.

I find the sun sure does help me feel better and more energetic. It's the humidity that saps the energy and today was a day free of the humid weather we have been getting these past few weeks. What a relief.

Looks like it is rain and thunder tomorrow though.


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