Friday, July 11, 2008

Starting a Blog

If it weren't for my husband and a couple of friends who blog, I would have never thought of doing this on my own. My husband's blog is amazing. He has quite the gift for writing and everyday without fail, he writes in his blog.

As the title of this blog states, Living and Learning. In the life of anyone, we never stop do we. This is something new that I am willing to try and maybe I'll just keep at it.

I think that starting a blog is a bit like a hobby. I am also wanting to start scrapbooking but I kind of don't know where to start so I subscribed to a beginner series of emails on where to begin with it. This blog reminds me of scrapbooking. It requires a purpose and a bit of imagination. I am hoping to improve the latter.

One thing about being at home with the boys is that I tend not to seek time to learn new things for just myself. I focus so much on the boys and their needs along with taking care of everyone including my husband.

I guess blogging will help to get my thoughts "out there" and see where I am really going so to speak.


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