Thursday, September 30, 2010

Homeschool Routines

It's been one month of homeschooling for our family. The start was a bit rough but we gradually got into a routine. My biggest obstacle is staying organized and scheduled. It seems that there are so many interruptions to put us off track. My oldest son is in grade 9 and is registered with Tree of Life School in New Brunswick. So far it seems to have been a good choice as well as a challenging fit for him. I think he will learn a ton this year with the courses he has. I will post his curriculum in the margin of this blog eventually.

I am still battling the PMS skin flares and it's not pretty. Thankfully it heals. I have looked into Sea Buckthorn. Apparently Omega 7 is good for the skin in this berry. I bought a cleansing bar which was hand made in British Columbia. This berry gets raving reviews on the site.

Anyway, I'm still sticking with the juicing,Vitamin D, Bio-Chlorella (on my second bottle), fish oil, regular juicing throughout the week, probiotics, and natural skincare. Slow and sure wins the race. I suspect that the holistic way is the longer but lasting way. I just need patience. I trust that the Lord who is my Healer will guide me towards complete healing in this area.


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