Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Adverse Reaction to Minocycline

By now you must be thinking I am going through hell because sometimes I think so. However, I am going to reach the other side victorious. I really do believe that.

In the meantime, I went to my MD who prescribed me Minocyline for the unsightly skin condition I had on my face. I say had because now it's healed up until the next flare, if any. Well, here I am typing which is a good thing. I had only 3 pills of Minocyline and that was it because I suffered so much from adverse reactions. These included dizziness, nausea, headpressure, unclear thinking, unsteadiness... need I say more. I might as well been prescribed a pill for a migraine of all migraines minus the intense pain which I am happy about. I reported this reaction to the government of Ontario. Since they are monitoring all drugs, medicines, and health care products, there is a form I can submit. I think the more people that report these things the better!

Well, where do I go from here. I am still juicing, still taking probiotics, still staying off sugar and still taking chlorella. The only thing I haven't really tried is oil of oregano to kill off the bacteria. I think the olive leaf is not strong enough because I have taken that off and on for a while.

Now my doctor wants to see me next week. She gave me a cream which I haven't tried yet because it is has an antibiotic in it. So I am holding off until I see the dermatologist. I am beginning to think that here in Ontario doctors are to try their best to cure the patient before sending them to a specialist. It doesn't matter how many times I have asked to see a specialist, I am not sent to one right away because she always thinks she can fix me. Eventually she does send me but not without trial and error. So far there have been too many errors!

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