Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Big Three for Me

Well, I gave up on my homeopathic treatment. It was taking far too long to see any results so I am going to try to heal myself based on my own research and the the help of the Holy Spirit.

Here's the Big Three I am concentrating on this Fall:

HMF Forte (probiotic)
Vitamin D

If I am consistent with the above, I am sure to see results.

I will also add: Swiss Cal/Mag powder (as needed), Vit E (as needed), Cod Liver Oil or Fish Oil Formula or Bio-Mega3 or Beyond Omega 3 (regularly. Of course I'm trying the different fish oils as I can afford them but Garden of Life and Bio sound very promising. Elderberry Concentrate/Vitamin C (regularly in fall/winter months), Olive Leaf Extract (rotational), Plant Enzymes (consistent with cooked food) and testing my PH with Urine PH Strips.

This along with a healthy diet should be adequate to help my system to regenerate healthy cells. It's staying in the balanced PH that is important.

Juicing is also part of my lifestyle and will go a long way in healing my body. Whatever my skin is lacking which is leading to eczema, I am hoping to restore.


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