Monday, June 28, 2010

Learning about Dementia

Well my dad's brain is shrinking. He is 83.5 years and did survive a brain injury over 12 years ago so I am thankful to have him this long. However, the reality of dementia setting in for my dad is not an easy acceptance. I interviewed him in September 2009 because I knew his memory was failing him then. At least in this interview he was able to answer the questions with some help. I'm glad I took the opportunity since I do not live nearby him anymore. I am thankful to my Father God to talk on the phone with him when I can and tell him I love him. I know one-day he may not be able to have a semi-intelligent conversation. I hope that one day is very far off.

Here is a site that talks about dealing with Dementia. There is so much to learn about this topic. It's not until it really hits close to home that one even cares to learn about it.


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