Friday, May 28, 2010

Heat Wave

Well it's been way too hot here for my lungs. The last couple of days the temperature with the humidity has felt like 35 degrees celcius.

My doctor put me on Advair and I had a bad reaction last night. I am still suffering from stomach cramps, chest pain this morning and lack of sleep. Looks like another trip to the doctor! I'll ask for Flovent 125 this time. Advair is only for long-term control and I don't usually have asthma because it's seasonal. I could probably get away with only 1-2 puffs of Advair a day but 4 is overdosing for me I believe.

I looked up the side effects here and here some of the side affects I have are indicative of an overdose. One can even die overdosing on Advair. I hate drugs. But I could die not taking it too! Anyway, my homeopathic doctor is away due to a death in the family. My lucky day. NOT.


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