Sunday, October 18, 2009

Learning Curves

This past month has been a time of learning. Not only am I teaching my children Bible, Math, English, French, Italian, Science, Canadian History... but I am learning too. My youngest son actually said that English was fun this year. I am so happy because I chose a totally different curriculum. Last year he was learning from Sonlight but it was not suited to him. I do admit that Sonlight was the right choice for the phonics and reading but not for the grammar/writing part. He is so behind in that area. This year we switched to Bob Jones English 3 and he is loving it. I am so glad!! One thing I am learning is that what is right for one child is not necessarily appropriate for the other. This is what happened with language arts. It is not even a subject I excel at so I am learning from this curriculum too.

Science is proving to be quite good this year as well. My oldest is doing the Exploring Creation with Physical Science. It is a bit of a stretch for him but I think he will do fine with it. We are moving at a snail's pace through module 1 and just finished the test. He got 83 percent so I was fine with that. I recommend this curriculum for an 8th or 9th grader. It is very well done and the CD ROM is worth purchasing since the visual is very helpful with the text.

On a personal level the Lord is teaching me a lot about myself and where He is leading me. It may not be the popular way or the way that is easy but isn't that what the Lord promised is the way to Life. I thank Jesus that He is my way and the narrow way is the way He is leading me by His grace.


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