Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Learning About Ontario Traffic Regulations

I have had my driving license since 16 years of age without a single ticket. Now I finally get to join the ranks of those who have received a speeding ticket. That first time is a shock and a bit traumatic. Having a cop car flash his lights behind me is one thing, but issuing me a ticket was very nerve racking if I may use that old term from my youth. So I finally paid the ticket after research about the pros and cons of fighting one. The officer was kind enough to reduce my fine so I don't think it was worth fighting in the end. However, that ticket will be on my insurance record for three years. I am not impressed. At least I will be watching my speed a lot closer from now on and also that I stop at stop signs and not just slow down. I think as we get more comfortable behind the wheel, we can let the rules slide and think we are immune. Not so!

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