Thursday, December 23, 2010

Learning about Zinc

I have been advised recently to start taking zinc by a holistic nutritionist to treat the eczema which is traveling around my body. I really never thought much about the importance of zinc or that I may be depleted in it until I read about it on Apparently, as you age your thymus gland shrinks especially after age of 45. This leads to immune system weakness and skin problems is a symptom. Zinc restores the health of the thymus gland and thus the health of the skin.

I am posting this helpful link on the protocol for eczema sufferers. I am keeping it under control but I want it gone. My face is looking great and I attribute that to the Super B Complex by Sisu.

It is winter and dry here so the skin is suffering outside attacks as well which makes it a double whammy for me. Sleeping has been an issue and I am determined to get this remedied once and for all.

(as of February 2011, the test results came back and I am low. Zinc supplementation needed. Retest in 3 months)


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