Monday, November 22, 2010

Perioral Dermatitis Resolved

Since I have been taking my B5 Complex by Thorne Research and L_Lysine capsules by Sisu for the past month, my facial flares have all been minimized to almost none at all. If I do have one, it lasts only up to 12 hours. So it seems I have found my deficiency. I still juice during the week and take HMF Forte by Genestra (probiotics) along with vitamin D and fish oil, Phytocal B by Still working on the leg eczema (inflammation) My ND says I have venous insufficiency in that leg. This is hereditary I know. Thanks be to the Holy Spirit who leads me and guides me. My body will be made whole again :)

As of December 2010 I am still free of perioral dermatitis and now switched to Sisu Super B Complex.


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