Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Life as a homeschool mom does bring with it several challenges.

I am learning that scheduling ahead for the entire week sometimes does not pan out very well since there are many interruptions and changes during the week.

So what I have been doing is scheduling maybe 2 days at a time and then I basically know what those two days are going to involve. For example, today is Brandon's weekly dental visit to adjust his retainer. I will be so glad when those trips are over and we don't have to pay $33 per visit. That sure dents ones pocket book!

Today will be pretty broken up in the schedule. Jordan has trampoline class while Brandon will be spending that time with a friend and then of course I need to play taxi pick him up afterwards which leads to meal prep. Where does homeschooling come in today -- as much as I can fit in between.

This week I am also sending off the work to Brandon's school monitor in New Brunswick. I am interested to see how the evaluation will be done and what will be said about his creative writing assignments. It's good to have a third party involved now that he is older.

Tomorrow's schedule should be a little saner since we won't be expected elsewhere.


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