Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cold/Flu Season

Well I got my flu shot two weeks ago and never had a reaction to it. This is my second year taking the flu shot.

I have very sensitive lungs so my doctor insists on it for me.

Would you believe that I have to take a bottle of Tabasco sauce back to the store because I can't inhale it or ingest it. If I do, it's painful. The main ingredient, vinegar, has fumes that really irritate my tissues which is a real drag considering the many benefits of hot sauce.

I recently found this online as a cough/cold remedy as well. It's worth a try:

If you are open to using herbal medicine, a simple tea of Elder berries, Elder flowers, Thyme and Licorice will calm the coughing, heal the lung tissue and increase immune function. You can add some Rose Hips as a Vitamin C boost and help sweeten the tea. It actually tastes really yummy and the licorice is soothing to sore throats. Have the girls drink 2-4 cups daily. 1 Tablespoon of herbs added to 1 cup boiled water. Let steep 20min. or longer, strain, and enjoy! This should clear it up.
You can also use Eucalyptus radiata essential oil as a chest rub or a few drops on the bottoms of their feet. This is the natural form of "Vicks vapo rub." and it doesn't contain any of the synthetic ingredients or petroleum.

Anyway, that's what's up with me these days is targeting foods that irritate me and staying far away from them. Not as easy as it sounds when you live with others that have no idea what you are going through.

In spite of it all, I am marching forward with homeschooling and trying to stay on track. The "trying" part is a challenge with life's interruptions but with the Lord's help I will succeed in doing all He has for me to do in this life.


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