Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September gone already

Well, here we are at September 30th and I am in my 5th week of homeschooling.

It baffles me as to the rapid passage of time because I can never get everything I want done in the day. I keep shifting at least one item on my to-do-list to the next day. This week it seems I just cannot make the time to clean the litter box. Well, I had better make the time or it will be pretty stinky :(

I have prepared a daily schedule which is working just great for each of my sons and me alongside. My brain doesn't have to work as hard. All I have to do is consult the schedule and know what each person should be doing at that time of the day. It's working great. Also using a kitchen timer for each subject is working just great and the boys are enjoying waiting for the ring but motivated to do their work.

I have allowed 10 minutes in between subjects for bathroom break, a drink, or just plain stretching. I also use that time to set up the next subject for each of my boys.

Wednesdays are a change in pace since the boys have gymnastics in the afternoon. All is going well. The change in weather is making me a little cold these days and we will be turning the heat on soon as October is this week.

Fall is a wonderful time of year with lots of color. Time to use the oven and warm the kitchen up :)


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